Custom Monthly Dashboarding & Insights

Throughout the years, working with law firms and lawyers across multiple practice areas, including full service firms, one thing has been evident; Lawyers, partners, and executives at firms don’t have a quick and easy way to understand their firms digital eco systems’ performance. Quite often a firm will have one freelancer managing SEO, another agency running online ads, and a web “guy” (or gal) managing their website. They know that clients are emailing them from their website, but they don’t understand how they got there, or how many more leads they could be getting. We have developed a simplified, but hands-on, strategic approach to providing a monthly dashboard, review, and analysis that visualizes a firms’s complete eco system to inform decision makers where their digital spends are working, where there is opportunity and how well their digital eco system is performing.

Our monthly dashboard includes:

  • Website performance metrics (users, where they are from, how they got there, how many leads and from where)
  • Lead (email) sources and performance
  • Search Engine Optimization Analytics (where and when your site is showing up, and when your competitors are outranking you)
  • Digital Advertising Reporting (Google PPC, Display, Programmatic, Video, etc…) [regardless of who is running your ads]
  • Custom Data integrations (client data)
  • Social Media (how well your social media accounts are performing)
  • Monthly Trends, month over month

$29.99month (limited time offer)

Our report allows you to hold your agencies and team accountable to performance, and gives you a holistic viewpoint of all of your website + digital ecosystem’s peformance. On a monthly basis you will be able to understand how well your website , social media and digital presence (including advertisements) are performing.

Dashboard + Performance Review & Insights = Every Month!

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