⭐ WPML Speed Optimization in WordPress Tips

by | Jan 8, 2022 | 0 comments

⭐ WPML Speed Optimization in WordPress Tips

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Hello Youtubers,

This video is about WPML speed in WordPress and what configuration I have for a fast loading website.

It is very simple to make the appropriate changes to set the proper WPML speed optimization in WordPress, since the focus should be WordPress itself and not only WPML.

If you are really hesitant if WPML is slowing down your website, the alternative could be to use Weglot, since it is a fast content translation plugin that stores the translations on their database and it is connectec to Wordpres via an API key. Weglot doesn’t get too much involved in your WordPress database, therefore even the risk of some plugin compatibility issue is reduced.

✅ Would you like to try WPML?
✅ Do you prefer a WPML alternative? Try Weglot for free
✅ Get $100 to use Vultr.
WPML Speed Optimization in WordPress video timeline so you can fast forward to your specific topic.
00:00 – WPML Speed Results
01:00 – WPML Plugin
02:00 – Statically
03:00 – Asset CleanUp
04:00 – WP Rocket
07:00 – Cloudflare
09:00 – Vultr
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