WordPress Speed Optimization: Make $50 Daily Optimizing WordPress Sites

by | Apr 15, 2022 | 0 comments

WordPress Speed Optimization: Make $50 Daily Optimizing WordPress Sites

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

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I want to talk about WordPress Speed Optimization. Quick backstory on how I make money with it…

What is WordPress Speed Optimization?
What is the effect of wordpress speed optimization?
How to check for your wordpress website speed
Website example: kinsleafproperties.com

A good website speed you should aim for is under 2 seconds
What slows down your WordPress website?
Web hosting: free tutorial to create an optimized website for yourself:
WordPress Configuration eg typing the same message to whatsapp leads is long
Page size – mainly images that aren’t optimized
Bad plugins – poorly coded plugins
External scripts – eg ads, font loaders, etc

Need for WordPress Speed Optimization: Solution to slow loading wordpress website
Go to Fiverr and outsource the service there
Use Nitropack Plugin and also sign up on their site:
How to make money with WordPress Speed Optimization? Start looking for wordpress websites that need this service
Pitch template:
Hello Mike,

Your company, Kinsleaf Limited is doing a great work in the real estate industry. Kudos to you.

I just quickly checked your website now but it took some time to load. I thought it was my network initially, which is 4G LTE by the way.

Just to clear my doubt, I went ahead to do a full seo analysis of it to troubleshoot the slow speed.

Then, I know what caused it. It’s actually not from my end. It’s your website.

Please check the Gtmetrix Performance Report of the analysis I did here:

You’re losing potential customers if your website is taking up to 3 seconds to load.

Wouldn’t you like to change that, name?
Your name

Go and do this. You’ll make money.
Would you like to learn:
How to do WordPress speed optimization yourself step by step
Where to find leads that are in need of your service
One more pitch template
How to analyze a website for optimisation
Donate $3 and access the full WordPress Speed Optimization tutorial here:


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