WordPress Security Plugins You Must Consider

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WordPress Security Plugins You Must Consider

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WordPress Security Plugins You Must Consider

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WordPress is the most popular content management system hosting over 32% of all websites worldwide.

WordPress is a common target for hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to your website due to its popularity.

WordPress security plugins are important because they offer a variety of features that can help protect your website.

This post provides insight into WordPress security plugins that will help you keep your website safe from hackers.

Best Free and Premium WordPress Security Plugins
While your website security goes beyond using plugins, plugins are an important starting point that can help you keep your website safe.

It’s hard to pick the best WordPress security plugins because there are many great choices to pick from. Here are some of the best plugins to consider for your website security.

Sucuri Security
Sucuri Security is the ultimate best WordPress security plugin to consider. This plugin offers protection against malware, viruses, hacking, and spam. It also monitors your website for all changes that can indicate a breach of the website. Sucuri is the most comprehensive WordPress security plugin and a great addition to your website’s protection.
Sucuri offers;
● File monitoring
● activity auditing
● Free front-end and premium server-level malware scanning
● Web Application Firewall for premium users
● Security notifications

Sucuri offers free and paid security features, with real value provided in the premium version.

For the pro version, Sucuri offers the following features;
● Website monitoring and automatic removal of malware
● DNS change detection
● Zero-day exploit prevention
● Default HTTP/2 Support for all websites
● Website Uptime monitoring
● CDN service to increase the speed of your WordPress website

iThemes Security
iThemes Security is an excellent option for WordPress security developed by the same company behind BackupBuddy.

This plugin has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to access and manage all the available features.

iThemes provides features that include;
● File change detection
● Strong Password Enforcement and Two-factor authentication
● Brute force protection
● Automatic database backups
● Lockout malicious users

iThemes does not have a malware scanner or website firewall. It uses Sucuri’s SiteCheck to scan for malware.

iThemes has a free WordPress plugin available for all users and a premium version that starts at $80 per year.

Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security is a powerful WordPress security plugin that protects against hacking, spam, malware, brute force login attacks. The plugin offers many features to help keep hackers locked out of your website.

Wordfence has a free plugin, which offers basic security to small sites. The premium version is more robust with more security features.
Some of the features to expect on the pro version include;
● Real-time firewall protection
● WordPress malware scanner
● Country Blocking
● File integrity monitoring to detect malicious code
● Login protection with two-factor authentication and strong password enforcement
● Brute force attack protection through limiting login attempts
● Email notifications
Unlike the Sucuri firewall that runs on the cloud, Wordfence also has its own firewall that runs on your server.

WP Fail2ban
Wp fail2ban is a security plugin dedicated to one single task of stopping brute force attacks.

Unlike the security suites offered by plugins above, this plugin creates a log of all the login attempts on the Syslog. You can then choose to either soft ban or hard ban.

The WP fail2ban is simple to use, and all you need to do is install and activate it. The plugin is also free and one of the best security plugins offering a stand-alone dedicated service to website users.
Features on the WP fail2ban plugin include;
● The option for choosing between hard blocking and soft blocking
● It integrates with proxy servers and Cloudflare
● It logs comments to prevent malicious comments and spam
● It also logs information about user enumeration, pingback, and spam

Jetpack is a plugin that offers many features including website security for WordPress users. The premium version of Jetpack includes additional protections against hacking, brute force attacks, spam filtering, web application protection.
This plugin does not provide website monitoring or automatic removal of malicious code from your site but it can be purchased separately as part of the WordPress VIP.
While the basic free plan offers enough protection for small websites, the pro version has multiple features that are more powerful.


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