WordPress Landing Pages – ULTIMATE Tutorial – Step-by-step – UPDATED method + NEW Plugin!

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WordPress Landing Pages – ULTIMATE Tutorial – Step-by-step – UPDATED method + NEW Plugin!

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This is the ULTIMATE WordPress Landing Page Tutorial that will show you the BEST NEW WordPress Plugin you can use to create and ORGANIZE your Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Opt-in Pages and Sales Pages in your WordPress Website.

A lot of tutorials on YouTube show you how to design your Landing Pages using Elementor, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg, but I am going to leave that part to others (there are much better designers here on YouTube than I lol)…

BUT what makes this video one that I HIGHLY recommend you DO watch is because I cover a (date I say) MORE important aspect to creating your landing pages etc which is…

How do you actually ORGANISE and MANAGE your Landing Pages in your WordPress install so that they are nice and neat and will allow you to find them over time as your add more and more to your WordPress install for your business.

You see….the LAST THING you want to do is spend a year building your Landing Pages to then realise your system is all over the place and that you need to go and REBUILD ALL your Landing Pages again…

Trust me… I have had to do this. It sucks. You want to get it right the first time…and this video today will HELP YOU DO THIS 🙂

My video today will cover the following topics and (hopefully) this video will ensure you NEVER have to reset up your Landing pages in the future.

The topics for today’s video are:

00:00 – Intro – What You’ll Learn In This Video
01:45 – Do NOT Build Landing Pages Like This
02:16 – Method 1: Registering our Custom Post Type for Landing Pages
03:49 – Method 1: Creating A Landing Page
04:34 – Method 1: Force Full-width Page using the Astra Theme
07:16 – Method 1: The Best Way To Organise Your Landing Pages in your Admin Area
08:54 – BONUS TIP! How To Organize Your Media Library Into Folders
09:47 – Method 1: The Cons
12:41 – Method 1: Use Conditional Logic To Put All Your Landing Page Steps Onto The One Page
18:47 – How To Send Lead Magnets To Your Leads (Here I show you the BEST CRM for WordPress, too!)
26:16 – Method 2: Use The WooFunnels Plugin (recommended)
28:44 – Method 2: How To Deliver Lead Magnets & Subscribe Contacts using WooFunnels & Autonami
30:18 – Method 2: Why I Strongly Recommend Using Method 2 (WooFunnels + Autonami)

► Autonami & WooFunnels – are the plugins I use in Method 2 to build/manage and Organise the Landing Pages / Lead Magnets and Opt-in Pages and you can get them both as a bundle here:

► There is also a LIFETIME DEAL For WooFunnels / Autonami which you can find here:

► My Blog Post for this video:

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Other Plugins & Links Mentioned In This Video:
► Beaver Builder (the page builder I use):

ALL plugins I currently have installed on my websites & recommend
► WooFunnels + Autonami
► Beaver Builder (my Page Builder)
► Name Hero (Hosting)
► SiteGround (Hosting)
► Premio (Better organise WordPress)
► FluentForms (Forms plugin I use)
► Solid Affiliate (affiliate plugin)
► WP Word Count (for bloggers)
► WP Staging Pro (safely manage WordPress updates)

Affiliate links are used above, however I only recommend plugins I use myself.

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