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This is the ultimate WordPress menu tutorial (in and out, step by step) where you will find answers to the following questions:

1. Where can I acces my menu settings 🕐 1:33
2. How can I create my first menu (Primary Menu) 🕐 3:32
3. How to customize menu items 🕐 6:44
4. How to create a non-clickable menu item 🕐 8:29
5. How to create a button from your menu items 🕐 8:57
6. How to create a sidebar menu 🕐 9:26
7. How to change your menu order 🕐 10:43
8. How to add drop-down items to your menu elements 🕐 11:05
9. How to use WordPress search in your menu 🕐 12:00
10. How to create a responsive and vertical menu 🕐 13:09

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5. Neve starter sites: https://youtu.be/ag3ojiy84-I

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