WordPress For Beginners – LearnDash Tutorial: How to Create a Free Course Funnel and Turn Students into Buyers

by | Jul 30, 2021 | 0 comments

WordPress For Beginners – LearnDash Tutorial: How to Create a Free Course Funnel and Turn Students into Buyers

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Wordpress Tutorials for Beginners | 0 comments

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In this LearnDash tutorial, you’d discover a ninja technique to drive more sales for your courses.

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to host your courses and allow students to access the lessons.

If you sell online courses, you’d find LearnDash to be the most easy-to-use learning management system.

This LearnDash tutorial video goes beyond the basic setup and shows you how to offer a free course and turn students into paying customers.

A free course allows you to help people sample your teaching style- it’s a very effective technique as it lets people get familiar with you and your subject matter expertise.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to:

– Get more qualified leads for your course
– Boost the sales of your course or workshop
– Get more people to know you for your subject matter expertise
– Trigger reciprocity in people
– Go from pitching your course to making a strong case for it

Not only that! You’ll also discover the slickest auto-login process that will allow your students to get logged in automatically by clicking a link in their email!

So if you’re selling courses, the idea is not to send students to the sales page but to an Opt-in page where they can sign up for a free course.

Then you need to have an Ascension or conversion plan in place to convert them into buyers. This tutorial shows you exactly how.

Here’s what you need to implement this technique:

– LearnDash LMS
– Funnel Builder Pro by WooFunnels
– Page Builder
– WooCommerce with the configured payment gateways to sell your course
– Autonami: WordPress Marketing Automation plugin

P.S: LearnDash integrates with WooCommerce that allows you to sell courses online. WooFunnels is a WooCommerce plugin that lets you create custom checkouts with order bumps, One-Click Upsells, and thank you pages for your online courses.

Explore more:

Funnel Builder: https://buildwoofunnels.com/wordpress-funnel-builder/
Read full tutorial on: https://buildwoofunnels.com/learndash-tutorial-free-course-funnel/
Learn more about Autonami: https://buildwoofunnels.com/wordpress-marketing-automation-autonami/

Timestamps for the video:
0:00 Introduction
1:22 What to expect from the tutorial
2:03 What you need to create a ‘Free Course Funnel’
2:50 Power of the word ‘FREE’
3:58 Breakdown of a free course example
5:50 Implementation Time
6:04 Build a course in LearnDash
11:08 Create an Opt-in Funnel
14:40 Customize the Opt-in form fields
15:04 Enable Email Notifications
16:36 Assign a course to the Opt-in page
17:42 Add and customize the Opt-in confirmation page
18:50 Test the Funnel
20:20 Enabling Auto-login feature in WooFunnels
20:56 Design automation for your leads in Autonami
21:22 Automation for leads who enrolled in the free course
22:32 Automation for students who completed the free course
25:26 Video Summary


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