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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a free WordPress website for lawyers from scratch.

The only costs involved are for hosting and domain registration just like any other website.

To create a perfect legal website we will be using Siteground as our hosting provider, and the most installed Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress.

Furthermore, we will be installing the popular Astra theme and easy to use Elementor Page Builder.

This tutorial gives an overview of all settings and possibilities with WordPress, Astra theme and Elementor Page builder.

After that, I’ll guide you through the process of editing and creating a perfect law firm website without using HTML, PHP or Javascript coding. So, it’s also meant for beginners.

Perfect means: visually appealing with all basic functionalities in the legal industry. If you still have any questions after creating the website, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lastly, underneath you’ll find all the important links associated to this tutorial, and timestamps. Dont’ forget to post your end result down below so I can check it out!

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00:06 Summary of the video
01:09 5 steps overview

Domain name and webhosting
01:39 What is a domain name?
02:05 What is webhosting?
02:15 What does Siteground offer?
03:20 Register domain name and webhosting

WordPress, Email Account & SSL
06:22 Install WordPress and Email Account
07:17 Install SSL Certificate

WordPress overview
08:14 WordPress CMS explanation
08:32 WordPress front- and backend
08:50 WordPress dashboard overview
10:07 Change your site’s language
10:23 Default website cleanup
11:22 Change personal information
12:05 Change site title & tagline
12:56 Optimise URL structure for Google

Elementor, Astra Theme & Starter Templates
13:25 Install Astra theme
15:25 Install Elementor Page Builder
16:00 Install Astra Starter Templates
16:26 Starter Templates explanation

Edit Free WordPress website
16:58 Change and create logo
18:10 Change favicon
18:35 Change typography
19:20 Change text, link & header colours
19:50 Change header settings & Layout
20:13 Change menu section
21:00 Change button
21:29 Change contact page & form
23:45 Add page to menu
24:22 Edit with Elementor Page Builder
25:15 Responsive mode (mobile, tablet, desktop)
25:50 Change header text
26:00 Delete components
26:17 Change header visual
28:00 Change default components
29:25 Create Client Testimonials
32:28 Edit Footer section

33:52 Final summary
34:05 End talk


1): Register domain name and web hosting at Siteground
2): Install WordPress, SSL certificate and Email Account
3): Overview of the basic settings in WordPress
4): Install Astra theme, starter templates and Elementor Page Builder
5): Create and edit WordPress website


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