WordPress For Beginners – How To Create A Free Website With WordPress And Creating SEO Friendly Contents

by | Jul 10, 2021 | 0 comments

WordPress For Beginners – How To Create A Free Website With WordPress And Creating SEO Friendly Contents

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Wordpress Tutorials for Beginners | 0 comments

WordPress For Beginners Tutorials and information. We source some of the best tutorials online to help you manage your wordpress website.

In this tutorial, I demonstrated how you can create a free website on #WealthyAffiliate #Platform.

This is a continuation of my previous facebook live I had with my subscribers on facebook, where I laid the foundation of affiliate marketing and how to find a niche.

However, this current video shows how to build a website using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and how easy you can do this without having to learn coding.

I started by choosing a domain name but because it’s being registered for free, an extension was added to it automatically on the platform.

it then becomes: jibasfare.siterubix.com

After choosing the domain you desire, then choose the title for your website.

In this case, I chose: Jibas Fare

Thereafter, select your theme in step 4 and click on “build my website” button and wait for the website to be propagated using wordpress.

As soon as your site is propagated, you will see your login details. Simply click on login button and the platform will take you straight to WordPress dashboard.

Go ahead and clean up the dashboard by removing default pages and posts.

Then activate the All-in-One SEO plugin as demonstrated in the video.

Then start creating contents like About Us, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure pages. All these are needed in case you want to advertise your website contents using social media platform.

It helps their algorithm to see your site as an authority website and not just a single website.

If you enjoyed the video be on the lookout for another “create a website” video, but this time, I am going to be using a paid and customized domain name that has no extra extension added to it.

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