WordPress For Beginners Tutorials and information. We source some of the best tutorials online to help you manage your wordpress website.

Learn how to make a WordPress website for beginners, no coding, using a user-friendly drag and drop page builder.
In this tutorial, I show you how to make a website by importing professionally designed free pre-made templates, so you can focus on creating a website rather than learning every detail in the process.

The only thing you need to do is adjust the content to your wishes, change images and text. Configure a few settings
You will end up with a beautiful looking mobile-friendly website.
Running on a super-fast Litespeed Server with Cloudflare CDN and Railgun

In this tutorial :
How to set up a domain name and hosting (from $4.80/month)
Install & configure WordPress the right way
Add Security Plugin
How to use Elementor Pro (paid plugin $49)
Install a free theme “Hello”
Import free beautifully pre-built pages/sites template
How to customize the templates
Changing text, Changing images, Create Headers and Footers, Contact form
Optimizing images for the website
SEO Search Engine Optimisation
Site speedup using Cloudflare Railgun, Quic & Litespeed Cache

Important links
Hosting and Domain https://jtechwp.com/namehero
Elementor Pro https://jtechwp.com/elementor
Cloudflare CDN https://cloudflare.com
Quic https://my.quic.cloud/u/login
Webmaster tools https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en

0:00:09 Intro, what you will learn
0:00:47 Buy Domain name and hosting
0:04:05 Install WordPress
0:05:49 Configure WordPress the right way
0:06:13 Enable HTTPS
0:06:58 Disable Comments
0:07:14 Permalinks
0:08:06 Install Elementor and Ithemes
0:09:15 Security setting up Ithemes
0:10:15 Install Hello Theme

0:11:03 Create Pages
0:12:03 Create a Menu
0:13:17 Add logo to theme
0:14:03 Add site icon
0:14:42 Assign homepage and News page
0:14:58 Buy Elementor Pro
0:16:42 Maintenance Mode / Coming soon page
0:19:21 Install Envato Elements – Free templates
0:19:52 View Free Template kits
0:22:30 How to install a free template kit
0:23:37 Edit the homepage – Elementor Basic Skills
0:23:49 Import Page template

0:24:47 Elementor tutorial
0:25:19 Elementor Dark/light mode select
0:25:33 Edit titles and Text
0:28:03 Set Custom Colour Pallete
0:28:39 Undo
0:28:52 Customize a Section, image background, video, overlays
0:32:33 Responsive, Tablet and Mobile views
0:33:23 Get free images with Pixabay
0:34:44 Optimise your own pictures for the web Shortpixel
0:36:21 Responsive show on mobile only or desktop only
0:37:32 Sections and Columns explained
0:42:56 Using built-in Blocks
0:44:05 Faq block
0:45:47 Moving Widgets and sections
0:46:01 Create a Gallery
0:47:20 Create a header with menu
0:51:54 Sticky header
0:55:18 Create a Footer
0:59:01 Edit Services page
1:00:02 Slider, add images, set duration
1:00:44 Divider
1:01:05 Contact page
1:01:47 Email and Phone
1:02:23 Configure Contact form

1:03:40 Checking the site
1:04:07 Search Page styling
1:05:47 Style Blog / News Pages

1:08:16 Submit your site to Google so you can be found
1:09:56 SEO Search Engine Optimisation install
1:11:35 Sitemap
1:12:50 SEO Optimize pages for Google
1:16:39 SEO Schema
1:18:26 Disable Coming Soon Mode

Website Speed Up
1:18:48 Website Speed Up
1:19:12 Free Cloudflare account
1:20:22 Change Nameservers to Cloudflare
1:21:05 Configure Cloudflare
1:21:29 Install LiteSpeed Cache
1:21:50 Quic Cloud Signup free
1:22:23 LiteSpeed Cache Configure
1:28:38 Speed Test
1:29:17 Super fast website
1:29:29 Conclusion