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This How To Backup Your WordPress Website tutorial is designed with beginners in mind. You will find easy to follow steps to safely backup and restore your WordPress website in just 5 minutes time. You will learn how to do both automated website backups as well as manual website backups.

When complete you will have both an online backup of your website as well as an offline copy so no matter what goes wrong with your website you will be able to recover.

If and when something does go wrong with your website for any reason, no worries, you will simply follow the step by step instructions at the end of the video to restore your WordPress website and get your website up and running again in just 5 mins time.

Step 1 – 00:00:00 Introduction
Step 2 – 00:01:44 Choosing A WordPress Backup Plugin
Step 3 – 00:02:08 Purchasing Backup Buddy
Step 4 – 00:04:03 Installing Backup Buddy
Step 5 – 00:04:41 Setup Automatic Backups
Step 6 – 00:05:52 Manually Backup WordPress Website
Step 7 – 00:06:56 Restore Your WordPress Website
Step 8 – 00:11:02 You Finished, Well Done!

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