WordPress is a great platform that businesses can utilize to develop and maintain their website at a much lower cost than ever before when it comes to web development. One of the most compelling reasons to switch to wordpress as your CMS is that it is open source. Being open source, it means that thousands of developers are building software and updates to the platform that you can easily install for free, or at very minimal cost to enhance your site and give it new functionality. Most of this functionality comes in the form of “plugins”.

A great example of some of these plugins can be found in our list of top 10 plugins everyone should install in 2018.

But with this affordable access to site functionality and development comes a cost. According to Wordfence data, Plugins are the most exploited aspects to managing a website running wordpress.

wordpress plugin exploits

You can see in the chart above (relative data) that plugin’s compromise wordpress sites more than anything else.

What is a wordpress compromise or exploit?

An exploit that compromises your wordpress website can cause a lot of issues for your site. First, it can grant complete strangers access to your data and website content, even allowing them to take it over, and in other scenarios we have seen exploited plugins allow scam companies to inject their content into your site so that they can start selling their products and services throughout your website. It often impacts your wordpress database and can be so painful to remove that it can cost thousands of dollars to do so.

How can you prevent your wordpress site from being hacked?

Though it is impossible to completely prevent your site from being hacked (on any platform) WordPress Managed Hosting is your best bet to maintaining an exploit-free website. Our hosting services are affordable and we ensure that your website is regularly backed up and updated to avoid these issues.

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