WHY Use WordPress SEO by Squirrly?

by | Apr 12, 2022 | 0 comments

WHY Use WordPress SEO by Squirrly?

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

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📒 Video Notes:

Businesses aren’t satisfied by just getting by and paying the bills. They want to dominate with their brand. And today, being normal isn’t going to cut it in the Search engine Optimization or as we know it, the SEO world. 

Do you know why people fail at getting #1 on Google? They aren’t shown the formula google uses to get ranked #1. You need to dominate the world with your keywords and today, being behind isn’t going to cut it.

Squirrly SEO is a powerful contender in the SEO world and some people are comparing Squirrly SEO vs Rankmath as well as Squirrly SEO vs Yoast, the big players in the industry.

In this video, team building and sales SEO expert, Sol Johnston explains exactly why you need a different approach with the squirrly company on how you do your SEO business. In addition, he touches on how you can build a raving customer based on how you do your SEO with the squirrly plugin.

You could do it the Hard way or do it the Easy-to-Follow Squirrly way.

This is where you get a better wordpress security by squirrly and a SEO formula they use to help you climb the ladder quickly.

Squirrly is a revolutionary plugin and the squirrly seo pricing is really not that expensive if you consider how much you save on advertising costs & their 1 month guarantee to be on the top of Google rankings.

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⌛Video Timeline:
0:00 Intro
0:17 About Sol Johnston
1:22 SEO or Search Engine Optimization
1:52 Squirrly Company
2:13 Artificial Intelligence & Squirrly
2:17 Squirrly SEO Guarantee
2:25 650 Plugins in One
2:55 Copyright Free Photos & Focus Pages
3:24 Yoast and Rankmath Comparison
3:45 Question & Answers
4:19 The Guide To Faster Google SEO Success!


🎤About The Speaker: 
Sol Johnston is SEO expert that has helped businesses who were about to go bankrupt become SEO rockstars and take off. For over 8 years, Sol has helped the world in Marketing, Programming, Data Analysis, Web Security, and has given presentations that have left audiences jumping out of their seats, yelling for more, and most importantly, learning priceless new strategies to impact their business.

Sol Johnston’s mission is to unlock everyone’s inner Millionaire. Clients invite him to their meetings because he makes their executive message stick, plus excites and engages their audience.

Check out his website with his courses on the best SEO practices to generate revenue:

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