What’s The Fastest Way To Grow Your YouTube channel?

by | Dec 31, 2020 | 0 comments

What’s The Fastest Way To Grow Your YouTube channel?

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Blog | 0 comments

Getting a large audience to watch your YouTube channel can prove to be a bit difficult. There are countless amounts of channels online these days, so how are you able to get more viewers onto your channel? Don’t let the number of channels put you off. Statistics show that 5 billion Youtube videos are watched every day around the world with the average visitor watching 40 minutes of videos. Also, don’t assume that people who create a good YouTube channel have an easy life. A lot of hard work is required for you to succeed. It will be time-consuming so be prepared to put in a hard shift, consistently. Don’t expect to be a hit overnight, it takes a lot of patience for your channel to grow. For more information on how to grow your YouTube channel visit https://bumped.in/


Know Your Audience

YouTube channels succeed when creators know what their target audience is. Creators of YouTube channels must understand what their viewers want to watch. Posting videos on YouTube is pointless unless people are going to watch them. Speak with viewers and find out what they want on your show. Feedback is vital to help your YouTube channel move forward, so take constructive criticism seriously and use it to your benefit. 

Find Your Niche

The most popular YouTube channels all have a specific niche. Let’s take sports for instance. If you want to set up a fan channel for your favorite premier league football club there is a large audience out there. Over 4 billion people have access to watch the Premier League games. Every Premier League club has an unofficial YouTube fan channel, some have over a million subscribers. When you know your niche focus on those people and the online communities that might help people find your channel.

Be Unique

Bringing something new to YouTube is a great way to grow your channel. YouTube channels that bring something new to the table will often help spread the word.

Create A Website

Design a website that helps promote your channel. You can add links and videos of your channel on the website. It is a great way for letting your viewers know when your new episodes are available. Having a forum on your site can help a community grow. You can even ask people to submit their email addresses on your website so that you can send them newsletters updating them on all the information about your show. 

Invite Guests On Your Channel

Having a guest on your channel can make it more exciting. Having a passionate guest who understands the topics that are being discussed makes for great viewing. To help promote your channel, ask similar channels if you could be a guest on one of their shows. This will give you a chance to reach out to more people who might not have heard of your channel before.

Don’t Be Shy To Ask Viewers To Hit The ‘Like’ Button Or To Subscribe

It seems that every channel asks you to subscribe and to ‘’smash that like button’’. The more likes you get, the more traffic will be heading your way. Getting your viewers to subscribe will send them notifications when new episodes are available. Don’t be worried to ask viewers to like or subscribe to your channel. It is very simple for them to do. They might forget that giving them a quick instruction to click a couple of buttons isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, however, it can prove vital in your channel succeeding. 

Social Media Presence Is Important

Create a social media account specifically for your YouTube channel instead of using your personal account. Promoting your channel on social networking platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter can have many advantages. It gives you a chance to update viewers on your new shows, allows you to interact with viewers, and offers you a platform to post your videos. The more followers you have on social media, the better the chances you have of getting your YouTube channel to grow. 

Work Hard

YouTube channels need lots of hard work for them to gain a large audience. Posting videos regularly, with great content is the most important thing for your channel. Creating a new episode, coming up with new content, and editing the videos is a lot of work. This is needed before you start advertising. Expect to work long hours and be prepared to use your brain when creating ideas for content. The most well known YouTube channels publish new content each week. 

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