what is wordpress | What is CMS? | wordpress course outline | WordPress Tutorial

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what is wordpress | What is CMS? | wordpress course outline | WordPress Tutorial

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Do you want to make a free WordPress website myself or want to learn what is wordpress / What is CMS? So you are land on the right place. Because, I will teach you complete wordpress course in easy way. These WordPress Tutorial series fully help you to make a website for yourself or for clients to earn handsome amount (means by doing freelancing or offline job). This wordpress web development course based on 12 lectures. 1st lecture and last lecture is theoretical and 2nd to eleven lectures are practical. If you watch all these lectures. I promise, you will be able to develop any type of website in wordpress. And i will also help you in your projects time to time. So lets start and listen.

Welcome to Tech Slayshia (YouTube Channel)
What we will cover in this video) Highlights:
What is WordPress
What is CMS
CMS Stands for what?
What are the types of Content Management system?
What are the types of Website?
Wordpress course outline

WordPress course List:
Lecture# 1 what is wordpress or What is CMS?
Lecture# 2 how to buy domain and hosting
Lecture# 3 how to install wordpress in cpanel (XAMPP Server / XAMPP Installation )
Lecture# 4 How to install theme in wordpress
Lecture# 5 how to install plugin in wordpress
Lecture# 6 how to customize wordpress theme (Logo,Tagline,Theme Color,Size,Format,Widgets,Copyright,Features on/off, homepage set)
Lecture# 7 How to create Pages in wordpress
Lecture# 8 how to add category in wordpress
Lecture# 9 how to create menu in wordpress
Lecture# 10 How to create post in wordpress
Lecture# 11 how to backup wordpress website
Lecture# 12 What is the roadmap of wordpress web development

For better understanding, you need to watch a complete video till the end.
If you skip any part of video might be possible you will lose important info.
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Note: This is just educational video. If you found any error, issue, abusing word or vulgar language or any mistake. tell me first then i will try to remove or solve that issue as soon.
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