Task 43 : CSS 3 Training for WordPress – Part 10 CSS Grid – WP Spartans 300

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Task 43 : CSS 3 Training for WordPress – Part 10 CSS Grid – WP Spartans 300

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CSS is Visual Representation of the web content. CSS3 training for WordPress is part of our Three Months Absolutely Free WordPress training (In Urdu/ Hindi) under WP Spartans Mission 300. This is Part 10 and Task 43.

In this Task 43 of CSS Training for WordPress, our main topic was CSS Grid. However, we also tried to answer the following questions:

1) How to add Media Queries to our CSS?
2) When do we use Browser Compatibility (-webkit-, -moz-, -o-, -ms- etc). Browser Fallback for CSS3 properties and values if there is some compatibility issue)
3) How to create and use Variables in CSS?

We also talked about Happy New year 2019 Assets. Before this task, I sent an email to all subscribers spartans. Here is the link to access:

display: grid;

grid-template-columns : 200px 200px 200px;
or 320px 200px 20%;
or 200px auto 200px;

grid-template-rows: 100px; (if one value, first row will be 100 px;

grid-column-gap: 20px; (gutter)
grid-row-gap: 20px; (gutter)

grid-gap : 20px; (for both columns and rows)

grid-gap : 15px 20px; (if two values first deals with row)

200px 1fr 200px;

fr occupies free space available

1fr 1fr 200px;

1fr 1fr 1fr; boom we don’t need 33.33%

grid-template-column: 2 fr repeat (3, 1fr);

grid-template-column: minmax(200px, 300px) 1fr 1fr;

(then we don’t need media queries)

grid-template-columns: repeat (3, minmax (200px, 1fr);

grid-template-columns: repeat( auto-fit, minmax(250px, 1fr) );
grid-template-columns: repeat (auto-fill, 200px);

grid-template-columns: repeat (auto-fill, minmax(60px, 1fr);
auto-fit removes empty space

grid-template-columns: repeat (auto-fit, minmax(250px, 1fr);
auto-fit removes empty space, and we dont need to use media queries

explicit grid vs implicit grid

grid-auto-rows: 250px;
grid-auto-rows : minmax (150px, auto);

grid-auto-flow: column; (default auto flow is row)

grid-auto-columns: 100px; or 1fr;

grid inspector tool – firefox


grid-column-start:1 ;
grid-column-end:3 ;


grid-column-start:1 ;
grid-column-end:3 ;

grid-column: 1 / -1;

(first is row second is column)

grid-area ……… shorthand property

گرڈ ایریا میں نام رکھیں۔ گرڈ ٹیمپلٹ میں ٹٹیمپلٹ بنائیں

“header header”
“main aside”
“footer footer”;

“. footer”
full stop means empt space

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