Supercharge your Membership Site Automations using DAPs Visual Automation Engine

by | Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

Supercharge your Membership Site Automations using DAPs Visual Automation Engine

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments (DAP) is a membership plugin for WordPress and it comes with a very powerful and unique visual automation engine that will allow you to fully automate your membership website.

You can unleash the POWER of AUTOMATION using DAP’s built-in, visual automation engine! You can connect your products, courses, memberships with any platform you want in a few, easy steps.

Watch this video to discover how to:

☑️ Setup product-based automation where the automation rules are triggered when users get access to any product, course, membership, etc. on your site.

☑️ Trigger automations when users cancel their subscription or their access expires.

☑️ Trigger tag-based automations where the rules are triggered when users get a specific tag. You can give users tags based on action – for e.g. when they signup for a product, or when they abandon your cart, or when they complete a course or a lesson in the course.

☑️ Give users access to bonus products in your DAP site when they signup for any configured product or service.

☑️ Cross-domain automations: Use dap2dap to give users access to your products in a completely different DAP membership site via dap2dap plugin automation.
Watch this video to see how you can connect DAP with pretty much ANY external platform using DAP’s very powerful visual Automation Engine and Zapier!

Just spend 10 minutes of your time today to watch this video on the power of automation! Be sure to subscribe to our our YouTube channel to be the first to know when we publish new videos and leave us a comment there to let us know your thoughts! I see all of your comments and I look forward to it :-).👉 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Watching on YouTube? Hit the subscribe button.Watching on my site? Go here to subscribe: Plugins:👉 Quiz Plugin:👉 Membership Plugin:👉 Gamification Plugin:👉 Shopping Cart Plugin: SmartPayCart.comCommunity:👉 Facebook Group: you’re ready to build a successful and profitable online course, signup for and get started today!


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