SliceWP vs Solid Affiliate ❇️ Finding The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

by | May 2, 2022 | 0 comments

SliceWP vs Solid Affiliate ❇️ Finding The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

by | May 2, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

SliceWP vs Solid Affiliate ❇️ Get SliceWP or get Solid Affiliate Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos

If you are looking for a good WordPress affiliate plugin but can’t decide if you want SliceWP vs Solid Affiliate, then this comparison video is perfect for you. After many requests to compare the two plugins, I’ve gone ahead and put them head to head.

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0:00 SliceWP vs Solid Affiliate
1:50 SliceWP Pricing
2:44 Solid Affiliate Pricing
3:31 Feature Comparison
9:38 SliceWP Changelog
9:51 Solid Affiliate Roadmap
10:22 SliceWP Plugins
11:07 SliceWP Dashboard
11:28 Solid Affiliate Dashboard
13:34 SliceWP Affiliate Dashboard
13:50 Solid Affiliate Affiliate Dashboard
15:27 My Personal Opinion

Both SliceWP and Solid Affiliate seem to be relatively new software companies. The technology behind both plugins is fast, simple to install, and works efficiently. There are a few differences between the features, pricing, and user feel, however, so let’s dig into those.

First of all, the biggest difference currently between the platforms is the pricing. Solid Affiliate is still in the launch and is selling an unlimited lifetime license for just $149 at the time of shooting this video. SliceWP on the other hand is charging between $99 and $649 for different membership options.

Second, there are various features SliceWP has that Solid Affiliate doesn’t, and vice versa. Watch the video at 3:31 to see the listed features compared. Third, SliceWP has many addons which require plugins to add to the site, whereas Solid Affiliate has all addons inside of one plugin.

Both are decent software and both will be effective WordPress affiliate plugins. Choosing either will be sufficient to host an affiliate program.

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