Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Corporate Workshops

Do you have a team that manages web content for your business? Whether you are using wordpress, drupal or a proprietary cms Dieno Digital offers SEO Workshops in the Greater Vancouver area to assist your team in ensuring that your content is ranking on all of the major search engines. While most organizations are spending money on digital advertising, it is also important that you understand how to obtain organic content on Google, Bing and Yahoo (and any other search engine that may surface).

The workshop includes:

  1. Understanding Google’s Algorithms and Signals
  2. The most important aspects of SEO you need to implement on your website
  3. The current state of your website in regards to SEO
  4. How to implement internal processes to ensure you are optimizing your web content for better search ranking
  5. How to monitor your SEO and prepare reports
  6. How to effectively target keywords related to your business
  7. A certificate of completion

The workshops are typically 4 hours long and include a deep dive into your current websites

If you are interested in setting up a workshop at your business please contact us.