Reach Thousands on Facebook

I can put your brand, company, products and\or services in front of thousands of local people for much less than standard marketing channels such as print. On top of that these online ads are highly targeted at demographics (age and gender), interests and much more.

For less than $50 you can reach between 50,000 – 150,000 people.

What does reach mean? Reach = Impressions.

When you buy an advertisement in a local paper they tell you that they have so many thousand readers…  That doesn’t mean that every reader is going to pay attention to your advertisement, most might not even notice it and it for sure isn’t relevant to all of them.

On Facebook we can target people by interests and much more. IE, if you are selling something that hockey coaches are likely to purchase we can ensure that they see your ad.




Interested in running an online ad? Contact me today. This can cost you less than a $100.