Prosociate 4 – Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

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Prosociate 4 – Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

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With the Prosociate 4 WordPress plugin, you can build any type of Amazon affiliate business; authority site, WooCommerce store, top 10 or niche review site. By using WooCommerce and their extensions, Associates have the most power and flexibility. Check out Prosociate 4, we can help you succeed in your online business.

Prosociate 4 is the leading Amazon and Ebay plugin for affiliate marketers. With tight integration with the free WooCommerce application you can easily find products on Amazon and Ebay and post them as WooCommerce products. You can then use the entire WooCommerce eco-system to create product pages by category, create wish list, sliders and much more.

Create standard product campaigns or subscription campaigns that automatically get updated with fresh products that match your search criteria. Not just for storefront sites, Prosociate 4 is great for any site with many products to manage or those looking for advanced product presentation to make their site standout.

Earn Amazon and ebay comissions with Prosociate 4

Not only will Prosociate 4 make you a money-earning Amazon affiliate, Prosociate 4 users also get our Prosociate 4 Ebay product at no extra charge. Now you can be earning Amazon commissions and eBay commissions as well. Same easy setup, same user interface, more sales. Your visitors will have access to both Amazon and eBay products. You will build trust and authority by offering a wider range of products in your niche.

Prosociate 4 Will Make you a Successful Amazon Affiliate

Amazon API: Our advanced API integration creates a seamless integration into your site without requiring a time-consuming setup process.

WooCommerce: Our integration with WooCommerce creates the perfect online shopping experience for your users. There is nothing else like it anywhere!

90 Day Cookies: Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies, but our Amazon Cart integration locks in 90 days of profits from every user.

Geo Targeting: Generate WorldWide profits via our advanced GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from ANYONE who visits your site no matter what country they are from!

Google Optimized: Auto generated “Product” Microdata and API Link generation for complete Optimization of your Amazon Products for the most out of the box search engine optimized plugin for Amazon anywhere!

Fresh Data New Products: Your products will auto update with the latest pricing data and content to keep you in Amazon’s good graces, plus, add new products to your site on auto as they are added to Amazon based on Your requirements!

Prosociate 4 Update – New Features

Prosociate 4 continues our leadership as the most powerful, yet easiest to use tool for building your Amazon affiliate site. One of the most important roles that Prosociate plays in your site is the updating of your Amazon pricing and availability. In Prosociate 4 we have greatly enhanced our automatic pricing capabilities. We also continued our leadership in search adding a dedicated book searching capability. Be the source of knowledge and use your niche library as a content marketing area and differentiator. Additionally we added a number of performance related enhancements to better serve your customers.

Most Powerful Searching

Now you can use our powerful search engine to create a csv file of asins. Or use our dedicated book searching to become the niche goto for information – a great backlink magnet.

– Dedicated Book Search

– Search by bestseller

– Export as csv -of Amazon ASINs.


We are always looking for ways to make Prosociate work well with all hosting companies. In Prosociate 4 we added support for PHP7 and remote images.

– Remote Images

– PHP7

– curl/soap

Pricing updates
In version 4 we have added the ability to update prices directly from WordPress. Now when a product is selected it can be updated. We also added a one-click update function to sync ll your Amazon product info.

– One click updates

– Out of stock items – Delete, Mark out of stock, or save as draft

– No Cpanel required

Prosociate 4 uses the power of the WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin to Dynamically add Amazon products to ANY WordPress site with all kinds of behind the scenes technical wizardry which has never been released to the Public before! All you have to do is Install the Plugin, choose your products, and GO! It’s that EASY! Prosociate 4 let’s you focus on the important things: content, products,SEO.
Prosociate 4 is Better. Not convinced? Keep Reading!

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