😎Mailster Email Marketing WordPress Plugin – How to Change the Confirmation Email Message

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😎Mailster Email Marketing WordPress Plugin – How to Change the Confirmation Email Message

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✔How to Change the Confirmation Email Message in Mailster.
For more info on the allin1 email system please visit:
In this video tutorial, when take a quick look at how to change or edit the confirmation email of Mailster email marketing wordpress plugin.
The Allin1 system is what I did when my email account was disabled with Aweber, SendGrid & GetResponse. I created my own email marketing system using Mailster. I installed this system on my own smtp server using Contabo, and designed my own website using Elementor. Hence, this is the Allin1 email marketing system and website. Elementor wordpress plugin and page builder. Elementor is available in a free version and a PRO version. The PRO version begins at $49/year for up to 3 websites.

Get Elementor PRO here:

Mailster email marketing system is a wordpress plugin. Mailster can be purchased at codecanyon.net. Mailster wordpress plugin has a one-time cost of approximately $90 USD.
Our allin1 email marketing system consists of the following:
1 – Domain name;
2 – VPS server (smtp server) from Contabo.com;
3 – we install wordpress on our server;
4 – we use Elementor PRO wordpress plugin to build our website and pages;
5 – we install Mailster wordpress plugin for our email marketing system.

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🤣Chris Ford
Email: [email protected]
Jacksonville FL


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