How to Ship Products in India | Best Shipping Solution for Ecommerce Sites

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How to Ship Products in India | Best Shipping Solution for Ecommerce Sites

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Learn how to deliver products from your ecommerce website.

Let’s say you’ve got an ecommerce website and you want to know how to deliver the products.

You can do that easily by following this video.

So let’s get started.


00:00 Intro

01:55 Set up your website for delivery.

06:40 Deliver the product to the customer.

11:40 Preparing package for delivery.

15:00 How do you track the order?

15:50 Adding pincode checker to check the delivery details

20:28 Collecting delivery charges from customers.

22:40 How to deliver product for COD Payment

28:10 Let customers return the product.

37:05 Refunding Money to the customer

39:18 Let customers cancel the order


👉 Part 1- Set up your website for delivery
Step 1: Create an account on shiprocket
Click here

Step 2: Connect shiprocket with your website
Click connect your channel & select woocommerce
Enter website URL & enable ‘REST API’ setting.
Go to dashboard ► Woocommerce ► Settings ► advanced & click legacy API
Then enable the option
Go back to shiprocket and click connect, fill the details & enable push order status
To deliver the products, go to shiprocket ► orders► process orders► sync button

👉 Part- 2 Deliver the products
Step 1: Recharge your shiprocket account

Step 2: add your pickup address
In shiprocket, go to settings ► Company ► Add pickup address
Enter the address & click save

Step 3: Enter the product size and weight
Go to orders ► Process orders
Pack your product, measure the size
And weigh and enter that

Step 4: Initiate the pickup of the product
Click Ship now ► Select the delivery services you want
And click Ship ► click Generate pickup now
To prepare the package for delivery.
Open invoice ► Take printout ► Keep it inside the package & then seal it
To add delivery details, Open Product label ► Take printout ► Paste it outside the box.

How your customers can enter a Pin Code & check for delivery date.

Step 1 – Install Shiprocket plugin

Step 2 – Connecting the plugin with a shiprocket account.
Go to settings ► Enable Real Time rates and fill your details & click Save.

Step 3 – Add Product size and weight.
Go to Edit products ► Enter products details ► Click Update.
Visitors will be able to enter their pincode and check the delivery date.

So this is how you can deliver products to your customer.

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