How To Make An Online eCommerce Store Website With WordPress

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How To Make An Online eCommerce Store Website With WordPress

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In this extended tutorial, you will learn how to make an eCommerce website. Some of the free tools used are WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, and the Astra Theme.

More details are coming to this description, including a full table of contents.

Some links:

Table of contents:
00:00:00 Website overview
00:03:56 Tutorial overview
00:08:41 Choose the right hosting (important)
00:19:00 Ecommerce hosts
00:25:00 Order domain and hosting account
00:35:30 Setup SSL certificate
00:39:15 Check PHP version
00:40:43 Create email account
00:45:50 WordPress fastpass tutorial
00:57:39 WordPress general settings
00:59:20 Set permalinks
01:00:12 User accounts
01:03:00 WordPress themes
01:05:34 WordPress plugins
01:07:22 WordPress customizer
01:08:38 WordPress menus
01:09:38 WordPress widgets
01:12:07 Install Astra theme
01:13:20 Install plugins
01:17:03 Configure SSL for WordPress
01:18:32 Choose site design
01:26:18 Choosing a color palette
01:32:22 Choosing a font pair
01:37:23 Get a logo
01:53:26 Exploring the theme options
02:12:06 Look at Astra Pro
02:21:01 Elementor Fastpass tutorial
02:29:45 Elementor backend settings
02:38:08 Elementor editor
03:14:28 Elementor pro
03:21:15 Edit page layouts with Elementor
03:27:58 WordPress ecommerce
03:37:36 WooCommerce settings
04:00:54 WooCommerce products
04:11:06 WooCommerce variable products
04:17:38 WooComemrce theme options
04:22:51 Style add to cart button
04:24:32 WooCommerce coupons
04:29:00 WooCommerce resources (links below)
04:30:00 Wrap up (links below)

WooComemrce resource links:
Table rate shipping
Flat rate shipping

Wrapup links:
SEO (updated version coming soon):
More TOC links are on the way

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