How to Make a Food Delivery Website in WordPress | eCommerce Website for Food Delivery in WordPress

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How to Make a Food Delivery Website in WordPress | eCommerce Website for Food Delivery in WordPress

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How to Make a Food Delivery Website in WordPress

Making a food-delivery website in WordPress is not hard at all, as long as you know what you’re doing.
Just install WooCommerce and you’re good to go!
This plugin turns your WordPress site into a full-featured food ordering system. You can select your delivery area, add and tag items, and process payments using the most popular payment gateways.

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Once you have installed WooCommerce, you can start configuring your food ordering system. Add the menu items as WooCommerce Products. Use WooCommerce product tables to list your food items. Food categories are easily defined, so it’s easy to add them to your site. Once they’re defined, you can display the food items on the front end of your website.

Payment Gateways:

Using this plugin will allow you to add short descriptions and pictures of your dishes and allow customers to select additional items for their orders.

Helpful Timestamps:
00:00:01 Introduction
00:04:17 Steps of building a food delivery website
00:05:39 Buying web hosting
00:09:32 Buying domain name
00:10:58 Installing SSL
00:11:54 Installing WordPress
00:14:48 WordPress dashboard login
00:15:15 Installing a theme
00:16:47 Installing plugins
00:19:54 Setting up the WooComerce plugin
00:22:10 Creating pages
00:24:20 Designing homepage
01:06:34 Creating Instagram section
01:16:15 Creating product categories
01:17:10 Creating the first product
01:22:02 Creating a variable product
01:27:55 Extra product options
01:43:02 Creating a custom header
01:54:04 Creating menus
01:59:10 Creating product search box
02:03:10 Setting up the frontpage
02:04:23 Creating a custom shop page
02:16:21 Creating a custom product page
02:22:45 Basic store settings
02:27:49 Creating a custom footer

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