How to Install WordPress on 000webhost [FREE Web Hosting]

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How to Install WordPress on 000webhost [FREE Web Hosting]

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How to install WordPress on 000webhost web host for free in just one click. 000webhost provides free web hosting. 000webhost web host has a free plan to host one website and that one website can be built with WordPress, website builder or you can upload your website files through the file manager. We will also see what other features this web host provides in its free web hosting plan like how much disk space it provides and how much bandwidth can you use.

0:16 000webhost free hosting plan features.

The method of installing WordPress on 000webhost is very simple.
1:32 1) Login/Create a free account on “”.
2:13 2) Start Wizard provided by 000webhost.
2:32 3) Enter name and password for new website.
3:38 4) Select install WordPress option for creating website.
3:45 5) Set username and password for WordPress website.
4:00 6) Click on install button and WordPress will be installed.

4:42 Access WordPress website login page.

5:25 Explore WordPress dashboard area.

6:13 Where WordPress website files are located on 000webhost.
7:39 Find database connected with your WordPress website on 000webhost.
8:30 FTP credentials to connect to WordPress website.

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