How to customize WordPress admin login page | Easy & Simple way | WordPress Beginner Tutorial

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How to customize WordPress admin login page | Easy & Simple way | WordPress Beginner Tutorial

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Learn a freeway How to Customize WordPress Login Page in 2020. As a WordPress developer, you must need this feature to look more professional. I’ll show you the easy and simplest FREE way How to Customize WordPress Login Page in 2020. This is a WordPress Beginner Tutorial


00:00 Intro

00:37 Install a plugin

01:16 Login logo

01:33 Chane background colour / image

02:14 Add admin logo & side logo

Let’s get started:

First, go to the WordPress login page and see the WordPress logo appear on our site. if you want to change then login and install a plugin, to customize the login page interface like logo, background, side menu bar, and admin logo.

Go to plugin Add new I want to search for a plugin called White Label CMS. Now install this plugin and click Activate.

After finishing this process go to setting and see White label CMS. Now I want to go login tab and then set Login Logo.
Since my Login page Background color is white, I will take the black version logo and choose the white version logo for the dark background.

I uploaded both types of logos. Now I select the Black version logo and then click insert into post.

Now if you want to change your background color or image just change it here. I will show you what it looks like when the picture is placed in the background through my other website.

My background here is Dark so I used the white version of the logo. now go back to our plugin and click save and then log out of the admin panel.

Guy see here custom logo successfully appear on our site
Now again log in to the Admin panel.

in this part, I want to show you how you can change the inner interface to look more interesting. Go back to our plugin, select the Branding tab Upload a white version logo then click insert into post.

Now scroll down and upload the side-menu image in the same way. After finishing your upload you just need to save it.
If you need to Remove any Logo just click this cross icon that’s it.

So this is how you can customize your WordPress login page. if you have any queries just comment below in this video.
Thank you.

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