How to create Responsive Data Tables on WordPress with Icon, Image, Button, Sort, Search & CSV Sheet

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How to create Responsive Data Tables on WordPress with Icon, Image, Button, Sort, Search & CSV Sheet

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In this WordPress tutorial, we will create Responsive mobile optimized Data Table with Images, Icon, Text, Button for WooCommerce Product Table on WordPress using Gutenberg. Using this Powerful Data Table Plugin for WordPress, you can create any type of table with sorting, searching as well as dropdown filters to show your data.

Add Product Comparison Table in your Blog Post or Pages.
You can also import content from CSV, Google Sheet directly using API which will update in real time.

▶ Live Table Block Demo –

✅ Add Images, Icon, and Buttons
✅ Import Table on WordPress from CSV
✅ Connect Table from Google Sheet
✅ Add Search Bar for Table Contents
✅ Drop Dropdown filters to fetch query
✅ Sort Data from ascending to descending
✅ Product Comparison Table
✅ WooCommerce Product Table
✅ Cross Domain Copy pre-styled design from live site
✅ Unlimited Customization

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Timestamps 🕐

0:00 Intro
2:06 Required Plugins for Table Block
2:40 Cross Domain Copy Table Design from Website
4:05 Creating Data Table on WordPress
14:45 Styling the Date Table Design
16:30 Responsive Style of Data Table
17:04 Show Table Content from a CSV, Excel Sheet File
20:11 End Notes

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