How to create a WordPress website using Elementor Cloud

by | Jun 23, 2022 | 0 comments

How to create a WordPress website using Elementor Cloud

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

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0:00 Intro

0:31 Get the Elementor cloud hosting

1:27 Create your website

3:10 Edit the content

5:31 Add new page

8:12 Add the new page on menu

9:45 Make website visible to others

10:23 Get a .com domain name

12:10 Connect your domain with your website,


Step 1: Get the Elementor cloud hosting

Click here

Now click ‘Get a cloud website’, click ‘Buy Now’

Create your account, by entering the details

Now fill up the details, & click ‘Continue’

Enter your payment details, & click ‘Pay now’

Step 2: Create your website

Click ‘ Start creating your website’

Enter your website name, click ‘Next’

Select your website type, website template

To see any website click on it, & click ‘Start with this kit’ ► ‘Let’s go’.

Step 3: Edit the content

Go to your WP dashboard by clicking ‘open wp dashboard’

Now click on website, & click ‘visit site’

To edit any page on your site, go to that page & click ‘Edit with elementor’

To change any text, select the text, & enter your text

To change image, click on the image, click ‘choose image’

add image from your computer & click ‘Update’

To edit header part, go to customize, to change logo, click site identity

And remove the default logo & add your logo, same way change the menu section.

Step 4: Add new page

Go to New ► Page, now add title & click edit with Elementor

Create page either using drag and drop or import template & edit it.

To add the new page on menu, go to customize ► menus twice,

Click ‘Add items’, click on the page, & adjust the page, click ‘Publish’

To make website visible to others, go to the Elementor cloud dashboard.

Click ‘Manage this website’ & disable the side lock, & click ‘unlock site’

Step 5: Get a .com domain name for your website

Click here

It will take you to, search for your domain name

And click ‘Continue’, enter your details and make payment,

And then click ‘Continue to client area’,

To connect your domain with your website,

Click ‘Domains’ ► Manage DNS ► Edit zone

Now go to Elementor dashboard ► Manage this website ► Connect my domain

And Add the details to your webspacekit DNS page,

Now go to Elementor dashboard, Click next, enter your domain name

And click ‘Connect my domain’.

This is how you can create a website using Elementor cloud.


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