How To Create A Free WordPress Website – With Free Domain & Hosting – Complete Course

by | Sep 21, 2022 | 0 comments

How To Create A Free WordPress Website – With Free Domain & Hosting – Complete Course

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

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👉 Section 1: Launch your site
stage 1: make a record on go to
go to
what’s more, make a record,

Stage 2: which is to get your free area.
Enter the name for your site

👉 Section 2: Build your site.
stage 1: Log in to your site
Type/login after your site’s location, press enter
what’s more, log in to your site

stage 2: Choose a plan for your site
Introduce a subject called ‘Oceanwp’ in WordPress
Click on ‘Elementor’
pick a plan and import it to your site.

Stage 3: Edit the items on your site
simply go into the page you need to alter
also, click Edit with Elementor.
Also, here, you can alter any text or picture, simply select it,
and what’s more, transform it. This works all through the site.
Presently, to alter the header and footer region
Simply click ‘Tweak’ to alter the logo or menu segment.
To make another page
intuitive components utilizing Elementor.
Or on the other hand by pre-made plans utilizing Templates.
if you need .com domain name then go to Godaddy
Also, it will take you to
look for the area name add it to truck and buy it.

how would we move the site we worked to this space?
1-Add your area to hostbd
Presently enter your area name in stopped space segment
2-Add DNS records to godaddy
Add the 2 records from profreehost to Godaddy
your new space will be added to hostbd.
Presently to go ‘settings’ in WordPress,
Furthermore, supplant the area with the you bought

This is the manner by which you can make a free site utilizing WordPress

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