How To Create A Business Website Using WordPress (Singapore Edition)

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How To Create A Business Website Using WordPress (Singapore Edition)

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

In this video, I will be showing you guys how you can create a simple WordPress website using free templates and plugins by WordPress. I will be using one of my client’s websites to create this demo with a cleaning service business template that my client would want for his website.

I have used elementor along with Envato elements for the editing of the site and set an Astra theme for the site.

Here is the timeline for you guys to skip to the parts that you guys need :

00:01:00 – Introduction
00:39:00 – Accessing wordpress admin panel
01:14:00 – General settings for the website
02:08:00 – Installing and activating theme (Astra theme)
02:44:00 – Customization settings for the website
03:20:00 – Adding home page
03:55:00 – Installing elementor plugin
04:18:00 – Editing home page with elementor plugin
04:37:00 – Installing template on home page
05:26:00 – Installing Envato elements plugin
08:22:00 – Adding about us page
09:15:00 – Adding our services page
10:20:00 – Adding contact us page
11:10:00 – Editing the header of the website
13:25:00 – Editing the footer of the website
15:08:00 – Publishing your website (go live)
15:59:00 – Setting your home page as your main page
17:10:00 – Customizing your header menu
18:25:00 – Creating your primary menu

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