How to cloak your affiliate links by using Link Cloaking Plugin?

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How to cloak your affiliate links by using Link Cloaking Plugin?

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This Plugin is removed from WordPress plugin directory a few months back. Instead of this plugin, you can use any one of the plugins from the given list.


What is Link Clocking?

Link cloaking is the special method is used by the affiliate marketers to hide the affiliate link or content as smart links. The link cloaking plugins are very good Affiliate Link Program managers.

Why should we use this Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin?

By using this WordPress affiliate plugins, there are so many advantages. Few are discussed here:

The Links are looking good than long and ugly URLs
It providing complete statistical information
It is easy to remember
We can conduct a Split test with different clocked links and knows and analyze the results.
Very easy to organize affiliate cloaked links

Gocodes WordPress plugin is a free plugin, which is available in the WordPress plugin directory. The Gocodes plugin is very useful to cloak the affiliate links into smart and simple links. These links are considering No-follow links. It is very useful for Affiliate marketing blogs.

This video prepared in Telugu language and gives the information on how to configure and how to use this plugin.

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