How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website with Free Plugin

by | Apr 3, 2022 | 0 comments

How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website with Free Plugin

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Looking for the best free backup plugin for WordPress? then look no further, In this video I will teach you how to backup your WordPress website using free UpdraftPlus back up plugin. I will also show you how to save your backup files on a remote storage and how you can restore it when you need it.

Backing up your website regularly is really important as this will ensure that you will be able to restore it as soon as it crashes due to a plugin installation update or a major WordPress core update.

Here are some real life scenarios how a backup system like this can save you from headache:

1. New Plugin Updates – Before you update your plugins, make sure to perform a backup of your website into your remote storage or do it on a staging website to test whether the said updates will not have conflict with other plugins, themes, or the core of the WordPress.

2. Hacked Website – security breaches are inevitable, this can happen due to outdate plugins, themes, WordPress files and poor security in your web hosting company. By having a regular backup, daily or weekly. You will be able to save a copy of a good working state of your website into your cloud storage and restore when you need it the most.

3. Unreliable Web Hosting Service – If you are always experiencing bandwidth related issues with your server wherein it can not handle the amount of traffic that you receiving in a daily basis, then having a full website backup comes in handy. With this you will be able to move to a new location or server as your backups are accessible to a centralized remote storage.

Having a reliable wordpress backup plugin will not just save you from headache but also damages to your business from the time it was inaccessible to your potential customers, as dowtime and broken website means your losing a lot of money.

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