Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Canadian Nonprofits & Charities can receive up to $10,000\month in Google Advertising Spend

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

by Nov 23, 2021

Google Ad Grants

Nonprofits have a difficult time securing funding to create budget-friendly campaigns, but Google is trying to change that with a new program called Google Ad Grants. Nonprofit organizations can apply for the program and provide a mission statement or annual report in order to receive free advertising on Google Search and YouTube. When Google selects an organization for their program, they will provide up to $10,000 worth of ads across all platforms. For Canadian NonProfits and Charities, it means signing up through an organization called TechSoup. Google limits the campaigns to Search (PPC) campaigns and does not allow retargeting or display.

Google in Partnership with Techsoup have created an efficient way to apply for the Google Adwords Grant. Eligable Canadian nonprofits and charities can receive up to $10,000\month in Google Adwords spend on search campaigns.

What is PPC advertising?

Advertising through Google AdWords is a form of online advertising. It is when an advertiser pays Google to display ads on Google Search and YouTube. PPC advertising is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, but it also comes with a lot of work.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Google is one of the top three search engines, which means it is the most popular method for search engine optimization. A website with a high search engine ranking can lead to more traffic than a website with a lower search engine ranking.

What are Google Search Campaigns?

Google Search Campaigns are a way to bid on specific search terms and pay to acquire those clicks through to your website. The top few search results on most searches will likely display advertisements. The Google Adwords Grant for nonprofits and charities only allows you to run search campaigns, so it is critical that keyword analysis and research is performed to ensure you are targeting the right keywords being searched for, in the right areas, with the right text advertisements.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

You can optimize your Google AdWords campaign manually, or you can use the tools provided by Google. Google PPC advertising is often difficult, and complex in nature. Google’s goal is to provide a useful experience for users, while advertisers only have a goal of maximizing the amount of money spent on advertising. Optimizing bidding strategies, and setting up audience + conversion pixels is the best way to utilize the data available to get the most out of your nonprofit Google Adwords grant.

We can assist you with setting up your Google NonProfit Adwords Grant for a minimal fee, and also set up automated reporting so that your board can review the stats and performance regularly. Contact us today to find out how we can help and for a quote.