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If you have a website, and your website has traffic but you are barely getting any inbound leads there are simple, and fundamental changes you can make to improve this problem.

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I’ve managed digital marketing and web development on both the client side and agency side.  I started my career working at a large grocery retailer’s corporate office in their IT and Marketing department managing web development and online advertising initiatives for all of their 100+ locations, and then managed the Digital Marketing team at a  local University. All throughout my career I’ve been working with dozens of clients on their web presence and how to make their websites more effective. I’ve physically updated more than 100 websites in 10 years and I’ve learned a lot through that process. I created an online movement to empower fathers to better themselves and it has grown to over 50,000 followers and almost all of that growth was organically. I am extremely passionate about what I do. Transparently, the form you are about to fill out enables me to create relationships with entrepreneurs, business professionals and business owners that always turns into mutual benefiting relationships down the road.

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