Full One Page Elementor Tutorial and Blog/Posts – Elementor WordPress Tutorial – Elementor Pro

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Full One Page Elementor Tutorial and Blog/Posts – Elementor WordPress Tutorial – Elementor Pro

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Let’s bash out another One Page Site going through the settings, look, and lots of tips from me – including setting up your Blog and the Posts.

Note that I forgot to mention that I am using the Theme: Hello in this Tutorial.

So… yes… I am using Hello.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Elementor Pro
01:13 Adding Plugins
01:43 WordPress General Settings
02:40 WordPress Reading Settings
02:59 WordPress Discussion Settings
03:22 WordPress Media Settings
03:43 WordPress Permalinks Settings
04:22 Autoptimize Settings
06:09 WP Fastest Cache Settings
07:00 RankMath Settings – see this –
07:20 Elementor Settings
10:33 Media Library
10:49 BulkResize Photos
12:21 Edit Images inside the Media Library
13:41 Add Custom Fonts
16:31 Consider your Page Layout
17:01 Create the Header Template
18:04 Understand the Elementor Interface
19:18 Create the Header Section
20:12 Add Content to the Header
20:37 Display Conditions for the Header
21:22 Create a Home Page
22:11 Create a New Menu
23:02 Pick the Image for the Header
24:59 Style the Nav Menu
25:28 Global Colours
26:58 Global Fonts
27:37 I don’t use the Global Typography!
28:30 What is REM?
29:42 Continue Styling the Nav Menu
31:35 Adjust the Header Layout and Style
36:29 Check the Header on the Mobile (I use 378 width)
39:57 Adjusting the Drop Down Typography
40:35 Add Social Icons to the Header
45:46 Add Icon List to the Header
48:34 Make the Header Sticky
49:01 Edit the Home Page
51:16 Create a Hero Banner
55:54 Add a Heading
57:18 Add a Text Editor
59:25 Add a CTA/Button
01:30:30 Duplicate the Button
01:03:42 Align the Buttons Side by Side
01:04:29 Check the Hero Banner on the Mobile
01:06:47 Adjust the Image for the Mobile
01:10:22 Add a 2nd Section
01:17:22 Add a 3rd Section
01:21:52 Add a 4th Section
01:22:31 Add a Form
01:25:05 Create the Footer Template
01:27:14 Set the Footer’s Display Conditions
01:30:18 Create Menu Anchors
01:31:35 Add URLs for the Menu Anchors
01:32:35 Add Anchors to the Nav Menu
01:37:27 Let’s think about Blog Posts
01:38 12 Create your First Post
01:41:37 Add Posts to a Page
01:46:07 Posts Query Settings
01:47:15 Posts Offset Setting
01:48:59 Add Posts to the Home Page
01:49:54 Add a Blog URL to the Menu
01:50:36 Why do you need a Post Template?
01:50:55 Create a Single Post Template
01:51:58 Dynamic Tags with Posts
01:54:45 Check the Mobile View
01:55:46 Set the Single Post Template Display Condition
01:56:34 Final Review
01:57:44 Conclusion

Full One Page Elementor Tutorial and Blog/Posts – Elementor WordPress Tutorial – Elementor Pro

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