Free WooCommerce Product Search Plugin – Setup Advance WooSearch for Ecommerce website | Ajax Search

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Free WooCommerce Product Search Plugin – Setup Advance WooSearch for Ecommerce website | Ajax Search

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Woocommerce product search AJAX plugin free for Easy search button for woocommerce website and display search bar on an e-commerce website.

By default, WooCommerce provides a very simple search solution, without live product search or even SKU search. Ajax Search for WooCommerce provides advanced search with live suggestions.

How to build free e-commerce fashion website

About Plugin- Advanced WooSearch
Advanced Woo Search is a powerful search plugin for WooCommerce. It supports AJAX search and search results page display.

we will walk you through the details of setting up the plugin and you can do it all by yourself.

Main Features of Advanced Woo Search:
Products search – Search across all your WooCommerce products
Search in – Search in the product title, content, excerpt, categories, tags, ID, and SKU. Or just in some of them
Settings page – User-friendly settings page with a lot of options
Shortcode and widget – Use shortcode and widget to place search box anywhere you want
Product image – Each search result contains a product image
Product price – Each search result contains product price
Terms search – Search for product categories and tags
Smart ordering – Search results ordered by the priority of the source where they were found.
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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Install Free Woocommerce Search Plugin
01:17 Setup Advanced Woosearch plugin
04:12 Activate search bar on the website
04:56 How to display search bar on e-commerce website

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