Elementor Pros and Cons of this Excellent FREE Page Building WordPress Plugin

by | Nov 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Elementor Pros and Cons of this Excellent FREE Page Building WordPress Plugin

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Elementor has many pros and cons depending on what you need, want and expect from this page building plugin. Overall Elementor is good choice. 🔔 Subscribe –

The Elementor plugin in combination with the Hello theme (also created by the team behind Elementor) allows anyone to build a professional looking website that’s fast, optimized for mobile and fairly easy to customize once you understand how everything works.

Is it the perfect WordPress design option? No, after having used the both the free and paid version of Elementor in combination with the Hello theme here are some pros and cons:


– Visual front end editor. This was a bigger deal in that past than it is now as having a front end visual editor or a block editor is becoming standard.

– The template and block library is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to design something quickly.

– Pop up customization is feature rich with Elementor. You have a lot of control over the style of any pop up you wish to create.

– Elementor and the Hello theme are a great alternative to the perennial favorite, the DIVI theme.

– Can optimize for mobile. Very important for any modern design.


– You can’t blog with the free version of Elementor. Well technically you can, but you can design the blog archive and individual blog posts to blend into your website.

– Elementor has a learning curve. If you want something easy to use, Elementor is a good choice but do go in with the expectation that you’ll spend a few hours learning how everything works.

– It’s becoming less useful for various themes. I designed a website with only Astra and the default WordPress block editor. I was not limited in any way like the way the free version of Astra does.

– Elementor takes over your entire website and if you try to use Elementor on some pages and the default editor on say your blog posts, it “breaks” your website design.

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â–ºElementor complete tutorial:

â–ºAstra theme tutorial:

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