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Woodmart theme tutorial 2020 – how to create an eCommerce website with WordPress.
In this woodmart theme wordpress tutorial, I am going to tell you how to create an eCommerce website with wordpress by using one of the most popular eCommerce theme – woodmart theme. According to the Envato market woodmart theme is one of the top five best selling eCommerce theme. Here in this woodmart theme wordpress tutorial, I try to explain each and every important feature of the woodmart theme in detail.

In this woodmart theme tutorial video i explain how to install woodmart theme, how to customize woodmart header using woodmart header builder, how to create a professional eCommerce slider using slider revolution,how to use woodmart product tab, how to use woodmart product category. Here I also teach you how to create simple product and variable product using woocommerce plugin. How to create woodmart Mega menu, how to change logo in woodmart, how to customize footer area in woodmart theme. Integrating of Google map in woodmart theme and so on.

✔️ Click this link to download all the theme, plugins and image files:

video timeline:
00:00:27 Demo website introduction
00:04:57 installing local server XAMPP
00:06:17 creating database in local server
00:06:52 uploading theme file and plugin file in local server
00:08:00 setup WordPress and link up the website with database
00:08:54 activating woodmart theme
00:09:32 basic setup of woocommerce plugin
00:10:39 detail setup of woocommerce plugin
00:19:45 creating product category in woocommerce plugin
00:21:39 creating a simple product in woocommerce
00:24:01 creating product attribute for the variable product
00:25:17 creating a variable product in woocommerce plugin
00:28:54 creating slider using slider revolution
00:38:24 creating pages in woodmart theme
00:38:55 Designing home page in woodmart theme
00:51:08 creating blog post in woodmart theme
00:54:12 designing contact us page in woodmart theme
00:58:16 creating a contact form using WP form
01:00:50 designing header session in woodmart theme
01:01:04 creating menus in woodmart theme
01:03:06 creating header using woodmart theme header builder
01:05:26 designing submenu for category menu in woodmart theme
01:16:32 creating pre-footer area in woodmart theme
01:18:48 creating Mailchimp subscribe form in woodmart theme
01:21:03 designing the footer session in woodmart theme
01:23:47 editing copyright text in woodmart theme
01:24:31 designing sidebar for the shop page in woodmart theme
01:25:35 designing sidebar for the blog page
01:26:28 how to login or register in woodmart theme
01:27:05 creating a live order in woodmart theme
01:28:20 how an admin can process the order in woodmart theme

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