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Should you use Builderall to build your affiliate pages? Watch this affiliate marketing tutorial and learn why you shouldn’t use Builderall for your sales pages, and what you should actually use to build very responsive landing pages.

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If you don’t already know, Builderall is an internet marketing platform that gives you all the components that you need to run a business. BuilderAll gives you an autoresponder for up to 10,000 subscribers, website builder, app builder, and some other cool tools as well.

Now, Builderall is great if you are an entrepreneur that has a small business and you want to build sales pages for the digital products that you are selling or promoting. It has drag and drop features like most of the other similar software out there and is relatively easy to use.

However, if you are a media buyer or an affiliate marketer that sends a serious amount of traffic to your affiliate pages then Builderall is not the software that will allow you to obtain the results that you need and hope to get.

And there are a few reasons for this. One and the most important is the loading speed of the sales pages that you create. Once you will send thousands and maybe millions of clicks per day to these pages, the loading speed will be even lower than it is at the moment and this will make you lose a high percentage of the traffic that you send to those pages, and therefore a lot of money.

The loading speed of your affiliate pages is absolutely crucial these days, as the attention span of the users is diminishing rapidly every day. You need to have lighting fast loading bridge pages to show your offer to the user otherwise he will click away and go back where he came from.

Unfortunately, Builderall cannot offer you these kinds of pages, therefore is not a suitable landing page builder for super affiliates and media buyers.

Every software that allows you to build landing pages or sales pages has its own pros and cons, and in this video, we described some of the cons of using Builderall as your sales page builder.

So if you are an affiliate marketer that drives serious traffic to your landing pages you should use Landerize. Landerize is a landing page/sales page builder software that was actually built by affiliate marketers that have years of experience and drive a serious amount of traffic to their sales pages.

Landerize will allow you to build the fastest loading sales pages that no other software can provide at the moment.

Landerize has the same drag and drop features as all the other software have, and it integrates with Amazon S3 which allows you to upload your landing page right away, and this will offer you the fastest loading speed available at the moment.

Amazon S3 allows you the fastest loading speed for your landing pages. Landerize integrates fully with Amazon S3 with just a few easy steps. You just have to set up everything up once using it’s easy to follow guides, connect your own domain, and then with just one click you upload your landing page to Amazon S3 and it is instantly live.

So if you are an affiliate marketer that is serious about his business and drives serious traffic to your affiliate pages, you need to check out Landrize and all that it has to offer to improve your business.

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