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Want to learn How to make a responsive website using CSS,HTML From scratch with Source code.Here is a demo of that. You can take advantage of that.

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1.My Devices:–OBS as PC screen recorder
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2.Video editor as Adobe Premiere PRO

○Adding svg in web:
○HTML Intro:
○Making light on or off:
○Intro to CSS:


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Tribute to all the programmers in this field.Help us to grow worldwide.

I want to create a social community in Nepal where many programmers are not finding their right path.
I want to be one of them.

Responsibilities will be more than we think of make it more personal and try to make better life with this.#Codenepal

My Devices:
–OBS as PC screen recorder
download obs:
–Video editor as adobe premiere

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-website designing with html css
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-webdesign with code in it
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