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Building a website with Wix is easy yet needs to go through a couple of steps first and you might need someone to guide you to the right direction in order to take the first couple of steps in starting your own personal website.

Wix is known to be a famous website builder that gives users the chance to build their websites easily without having any rules or restrictions and it allows them to edit their choices and all that does not require any codes, it all depends on the drag and drop method which makes everything much easier.

In this video, we are going to show you how to create your own website using Wix ADI, which is the artificial intelligence from Wix. The first thing you will need to do is go to Wix official website and this is through your browser, typing Wix in the search place and then choosing the link of the website.

What should show up in front of you once you open Wix is a page that says “create the website you want”. There is a button with ‘Get Started’ on it which you will need to click on to start creating your website. You will need to create an account first or just login if you already have one – you could also login with Facebook or Google – and you will be then directed to the welcoming page from where you will head off to create your website.

The first question you will be asked during the process of creating the website is ‘what kind of website do you want to create’ and this makes it easier for Wix to choose the most suitable theme and style for you. In our case we have chosen “Beauty & Wellness”, and then you will need to choose the kind of way you are going to create this website, which will be ‘let Wix ADI create a website for you’ choice this time since we have already shown you how to create it with Wis editor (

Starting the actual process of building the website now will first be with telling Wix what do you want to create a website for, then you will choose the features that you want your website to have, choose the name of your company or business, and you will then go through the page where you will need to fill with some additional info such as the logo of the business.

Now you have the basics in place and you will just need to go through the way that the website will look like, which will be better done with Wix ADI. The first step is picking a style that you like for your business or company. The website will also ask you whether you want to create a color palette from your logo or skip, we believe that it is of course a good thing to create a palette in case you want to use it later on. Once you go through these steps, you will find your home page being created.

According to your website – which you have already chosen its field at the beginning – you will find that Wix ADI have created a professional website for it. In our case, there are some treatments provided since this is a beauty and wellness website, it has a list of reviews, it has the opening hours and the booking page, and it also has the online shop.

Once you have your website ready for you, you could then go forward with the editing phase. The first thing we are usually starting with is the header; it is about the style, whether it will be fixed or not, and adding the menu for example. Afterwards you go forward with editing the other parts of the homepage to make sure that you are eventually getting the website that you needed in the first place.

The other option of building a website with Wix is using Wix editor and through this you could also do lots of things without restrictions and choose whatever you please for your website. We could give you some help through starting your own website while using Wix editor, such as adding your blog to the website (, adding a domain (, helping with the editing of the website (, adding a background music ( and we could even get further with helping you in adding your personal website shop ( or else adding the affiliate shop which will direct your users to where your products could be found as well (

It is so interesting and easy to get to create your own website for your business or company all by yourself and editing whatever you want about it to bring the final result that you have been dreaming to have. This is important to mention because people would definitely choose to go to a professional person or place where they could create a coded website for them easily, so now they could do it all on their own without looking for any help.

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