Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

This is the first video in my playlist on “how to do WordPress ” video, on each video I will show you a step by step guide to building your blog or website with WP . In the videos I will be building a website whilst I’m showing you how each stage is done… From customisation to your site to the more technical stuff that looks really confusing to do… But I will simplify each stage so any one can build a WP site .. Be sure to subscribe to get my next video
In this first video you will learn how to set up an account on Wp. Com a free account and getting started on your new website or blog.
In my next video you will learn how to customize your website or blog and personalize it the way you want to.
I hope you enjoyed this video please give a “thumbs up” and share but if you didn’t, please comment below as this will help me improve on the next one I produce.. Thank you in advance
Edited by Pete Ashton
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