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In this #Niagara One Minute Tutorial #OMT (#NOMT) you will learn all the important procedures within the #NiagaraFramework. The NOMT’s appear in weekly intervals with changing topics.

The shown #HowTo serves to illustrate the following main topic:
In this #Tutorials I will show you how to create a simple program using #Workbench, which can be used as a component in your station. The program has two numeric inputs that are multiplied together and the result is written to the output. The creation of the program is done here without development environment.

Java programming knowledge is required.

The Niagara Framework was developed by Tridium and is the tool of choice for many building automation manufacturers when it comes to open standards. The Niagara Framework currently exists in version 4.8.u
Open standards like BACnet (Building Automation Control net), Modbus, Lon, SNMP, oBIX or Internet of Things #IoT protocols like MQTT and OPC-UA.

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