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Tip: How To Make Your Own Risers In FL Studio – Build Up Tutorial (FL Studio 20) Learn how to make a riser effect in FL Studio 20. This riser tutorial is good for EDM, trap, soundtracks for video games, and even sound design. this video will teach you a lot about making a transition in your music production. what you’ll learn, here are some of the techniques I’ll teach: using pitch, If you have any additional questions, please, feel free to ask me in the comments below! I’d be happy to help and chat! ————————————————————————- Interested in more about the Audio Production? These are the topics we will make the tutorial! Sound Design Beat Making Tips, Tricks, & Advice DAWs & Studio FREE Software Sample Packs: Website: #FLStudio #musicProduction #soundDesign Thanks for watching, I appreciate your comments and support!


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