Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Monetize your skill with @classplus I Make your own online teaching application

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Monetize your skill with @classplus I Make your own online teaching application

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Kya aap soch rahe hai coaching app kaise banayein. Book karein demo –


Looking out for the best methods to teach online?
Thinking about how to teach online?
Searching for the best online teaching tool?
Thinking daily about how you can grow your YouTube revenue?
Then Classplus is here to help every teacher, every coaching, every YouTuber with their own branded app.

What do we provide?
We provide you with a white-labeled app, an app with your brand name through which you can easily teach online.
You can create your course and list it in the store section of the app. To purchase your course, all that a student needs to do is download your app, go to the store section, purchase the course of their liking and the course gets unlocked. Yes, it is that simple!
You can take live classes, online tests, and provide assignments to all your students through your app.
AI-Powered leads is our in-house AI engine that evaluates students who have a higher propensity towards purchasing a course and helps the teachers with hot leads. Helping coaching centers create a targeted approach to grow sales/revenue. Well this makes Classplus the best online teaching app/platform
Marketing dashboard – Using this feature, teachers can create sales coupons, send out notifications to students, create marketing collaterals like posters, thumbnails, etc. thereby saving marketing cost and time of the tutor.
Chat section – Students can have a one-to-one chat with the teacher right through the app. Also, the group chat feature allows a student to chat with other students in a particular batch or with multiple students who are enrolled in a particular course.

Why is Classplus better than other App companies?

Firstly, we are not just an app company. Along with the app, we also do the following things to help you maximize the use of your app and grow your business.
Analyze your channel and the category you cater to estimate your monthly potential revenue.
A Customer Success Manager helps them with the launch processes, defining what the YouTuber should do to make sure that the launch of the app and the courses go perfectly.
Post the first month’s perfect course launch, the Customer success manager helps in planning your revenue for the subsequent months.
Apart from this, we also conduct events such as “Extra Class” for all the students of our customers wherein we glorify a coaching/YouTuber by getting celebrities or toppers of exams to their platforms.

Contact info :-

Live :- Delhi India,
Home :- Gangoh, Distt- Saharanpur, U.P


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