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In this video, we will get to know a free alternative for to share and receive visual feedback on website designs, UI UX of a website along with fonts. No sign up needed for sharing feedback.

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Become a Stock photographer and start selling images shot on your smartphone

My top 5 paying stock photography websites:

Shutterstock – Earn from $0.25 – $200 per image sold. Payment method (Paypal)
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Getty Images/iStock – Earn 20% ($10-$500) royalty of every image sold. Payment method (Paypal)
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Adobe Stock- Earn flat 33% ($5 -$300) of the amount paid by the customer for your image. Payment method (Paypal)
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PicFair – Open your own online store for free. You can customize the amount you want to sell every image for. Payment method (Paypal)
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Most Photos – Earn 50% – 60% of the amount every image is sold for. Payment method (Paypal)
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