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In the previous episode of the series we build flappy bird game from scratch using just plain vanilla JavaScript. In this HTML canvas game development tutorial I will show you how to add any animated sprites and repeating background.
We will also adjust player hit box, to make sure collision detection works well and couple more things to give our game final polish and make it look nice and clean.
By the end of this tutorial you will be able to take any sprite sheet and create your own unique Flappy bird game.

This video is PART 2. Part 1 available here:
HTML Canvas Game Tutorial [ Vanilla JavaScript Flappy Bird with Particle Effects & Sprites ] Gamedev:


Collision image (bang.png):

*** HTML Canvas Game Development Tutorial | Flappy Bird PART 2 – Animated Sprites & Repeating Background ***

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*** HTML Canvas Game Development Tutorial | Flappy Bird PART 2 – Animated Sprites & Repeating Background ***

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