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Learn how to make a wordpress website for beginners and for free in this video tutorial. Demo website:

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Step 1: Domain and Hosting
Hostgator link:

Step 2: Install WordPress

Step 3: Clean Things Up

Step 4: Install Ocean WP Theme

Step 5: Install Plugins

Step 6: Download Templates and Images

Page Templates:
Demo Content:

Step 7: Create Homepage

Step 8: WordPress Settings

Step 9: Customize WordPress Website

Step 10: Edit Text

Step 11: Edit Buttons

Step 12: Edit Images

Step 13: Rearrange Modules and Sections

Step 14: Delete Modules

Step 15: Spacing and Margin

Step 16: Edit Video Module

Step 17: Edit Icon Box

Step 18: Duplicate Modules

Step 19: Add new Sections

Step 20: Footer

Step 21: Templates

Step 22: About Page

Step 23: Services Page

Step 24: Contact Page

Step 25: Header Menu

Step 26: Responsiveness


Learn How To Make a wordpress website step by step with the elementor page builder and WordPress. You can easily create an online wordpress website with this premium free page builder

Make a Beautiful website in wordpress 2020! In this wordpress tutorial, I use the elementor page builder and wordpress and a wordpress website template to show you how to make a wordpress website in 2020!

This is a full step by step tutorial showing you how to make a wordpress website with any type of customization you want, even if you are a beginner. Start 2020 right with a new step by step website tutorial using wordpress. Learn how to make a wordpress website from scratch.

Learn how to make a wordpress website with wordpress for beginners. The website we will learn how to build will be fully functional and beautiful. It will use wordpress and help you make a customize the layout of your entire wordpress website and make it a wordpress website 2020.

This tutorial is for beginners and advance users. It is a step by step tutorial created in 2020 to show everyone how to make and build a wordpress website using wordpress step by step 2020.

You can learn how to make any type of wordpress website you want in this tutorial including a business website, a photography website or a blog website and you can make it parallax with the features using the elementor pagebuilder.

We cover everything from registering your domain for your online store to getting hosting to install wordpress to build your wordpress website. If you want to learn how to build a wordpress website, this tutorial will show you.

We will create pages for our wordpress website, we will show you how to install wordpress plugins and we will provide demo images that you can use to create and build and make a website or create an wordpress website with wordpress.

Make sure to check out the text tutorial on how to build and make a website for free (using elementor). We will be using a premium theme but we can provide it to you for free so you can build your online store website.

If you need any help customizing or wordpress website, please leave a comment on this tutorial showing you how to make a wordpress website 2020 for beginners step by step and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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