Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How to Make a WordPress Website FOR FREE – Step by Step 2020!

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How to Make a WordPress Website FOR FREE – Step by Step 2020!

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Learn how to make a wordpress website 2020 step by step in this video tutorial. Demo website:

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✅ Elementor Pro
✅ Text Tutorial:

2:47 Step 1: Domain and Hosting
Use “NYCTECH30” – Hostgator Coupon code to get ~65% off
Affiliate link with Hostgator

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8:26 Step 2: Install WordPress
9:54 Step 3: Clean Things Up!
11:25 Step 4: Install Theme
12:08 Step 5: Install Plugins
13:32 Step 6: Settings
14:55 Step 7: Create Pages
17:17 Step 8: Theme Settings
24:47 Step 9: Demo Content
26:27 Step 10: Customize Homepage
30:49 Step 11: Edit Images
37:30 Step 12: Edit Text
41:59 Step 13: Spacing and Margin
46:45 Step 14 : Edit Modules
48:55 Step 15: Edit Buttons
55:32 Step 16: Borders
58:01 Step 17: Icon Boxes
59:44 Step 18: Social Media Icons
1:01:22 Step 19: Contact Form
1:07:11 Step 20: Responsiveness
1:20:57 Step 21: About Page
1:26:31 Step 22: Services Page
1:31:14 Step 23: Booking Form
1:36:05 Step 24: Blog Posts
1:40:31 Step 25: Menus

This video tutorial is a step by step guide showing you how to make a wordpress website step by step. We’ve made plenty of video tutorials in the best for beginners and advance users, all for free, but never have we made such a simple and easy to use step by step wordpress website tutorial. No better time than 2020 I guess to learn how to make a website using wordpress.

If you want to create a beautiful and professional wordpress website, this is the video for you. We cover everything in this wordpress website tutorial including how to get a domain and hosting and how to edit and customize your entire wordpress website step by step.

This video is about 90 minutes long. We go through every step, helping you from start to finish build a website. First we go to get our domain and hosting then we install wordpress, and then we get the templates that we are going to use with elementor pagebuilder to customize and learn how to make our wordpress website for beginners step by step 2020.

For our wordpress website domain and hosting, I recommend we go to hostgator because it is free and our hosting (I have recommended them for years).

Getting our domain and hosting is the first step to having your own wordpress website. Once we get wordpress installed, we can officially being learning how to make a wordpress website for free.

Once we turn on the elementor pagebuilder, we will show you how to customize everything. This tutorial is fully encompassing and does not skip anything. We even show you how to make your wp website responsive with the elementor pagebuilder tools. We can view our website on any device: desktop, tablet, and mobile just to make sure it looks good. And if it isn’t responsive? We can hide any section we want and remake it with the correct spacing, margin and layout options so that it looks good.

There is no reason why making a website should be so difficult now. A few years ago you had to start from scratch and you had to design everything yourself. But now, there are so many tools and resources available to you that you can just select whatever type of website you want and start creating and customizing.

I really believe that providing responsive website templates and elementor are game changers. There are probably other resources that I will find in 2020 that will also be helpful and I have not given up on building websites from scratch. I still like to do that and I will continue to make tutorials on how to make a website with wordpress from scratch but I think this way is going to be a to more common.

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